Weekend wrap-up

Busy busy weekend. Friday we went to a birthday dinner at Bella Notte and then had Rock Band at our place, Saturday was a birthday cookout, and Sunday was season 1 of Spaced then dinner and games with the in-laws. We drank way too much, slept way too little and had a blast.

Yesterday was supposed to be my relaxing day off, but it started with me discovering the electric company triple debited our bill again and an email from the landlord saying he hasn't recieved our rent check in the mail yet. Luckily, Philip came home in the middle of my freak out and he encouraged me to salvage my day by spending my afternoon thrift store shopping. After dropping off a second rent check I headed to Meadowthorpe where I hit Feather Your Nest, Goodwill and Pop's Resale. I didn't end up buying anything at the first few places, but it was nice to look around. I spent about an hour and a half at Pop's going through records before I finally decided on two Petula Clark albums and a Nancy Sinatra/Lee Hazelwood 45. After that I picked Philip up from work and I was in a way better mood. We decided to spend the afternoon watching the rest of Spaced and during that time the landlord called to tell me that he found my first rent check under a pile of mail which put me in a great mood.

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