I'm with the band

Life is finally back to normal after a week of complete chaos. First, the doggie stuff. Astrid pulled something in her back early last week and could barely walk. Long story short, it was something in her back and after a few days of rest and muscle relaxers she is back to her old self. The vet also did some movement and response tests with her which showed some neurological problems (for those of you who know Astrid, this is the reason she walks sideways and randomly falls down sometimes.) She is not in pain and doesn't seem bothered by it so we are just going to keep her comfortable and happy for the rest of her days.

Now for the band stuff. For those of you who don't know, after almost a year of procrastination, I finally joined the March Madness Marching Band, an all volunteer marching band sponsored by Local First Lexington. I started going to practices a few weeks ago and on Saturday we marched in the Roots and Heritage parade, kicked off the Bike Prom and then marched through the JustFundKY event at the Horse Park. It was a long day, but the most fun I've had in quite awhile. Originally, I planned on being a dancer since I don't play a portable instrument, but I brought my tambourine to practice along with my hula hoops and quickly decided I wanted to be on the band side of things. I bought an atomic orange tambourine and a used band uniform to modify and now I am a full on member of the band. Yesterday I went thrift store shopping for some new band gear and I found two formal dresses that I took home and immediately ripped apart to create two skirts that will go with the fabulous band jacket I found. Our next performance is a week from Friday at Douglas Park so I will wait until then to reveal my new costume.

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That's pretty awesome!