I heart my drum carder

About a year ago I bought a used drum carder. The lady who sold it to me had no idea the age, make or model, but said it worked great and it fit perfectly in my price range. As soon as it arrived, I blended all of the dyed roving I had on hand and then some. The carder was absolutely perfect, fast, easy, and best of all there were no blades for me to slice my fingers on (if you know me you understand why this is important.) Recently, a friend was doing a little research and discovered that my drum carder closely resembled a Duncan Carder. A few pictures and an email to Duncan and I now know that I have an older model Duncan carder. This doesn't really change my feelings toward my carder, but it is nice to know what it is so I can recommend it to others when they ask.

Now for a few pictures of my most recent batts...

Battered Barbie, 5.7oz

Sticky Rebellion, 4.25oz

Manic Monday, 5.5oz

I will have these batts and many more at the Bazaar Bizarre in Cleveland this weekend so if you are in the area you should stop by and say hi.

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