My schedule is jam packed for the next several months with very few free spot so I was really surprised to find an opening at the exact time Michler's, a local greenhouse, was offering a terrarium building workshop. I love terrariums, but I tend to be intimidated by greenery so while I have checked out tons of terrarium building books from the library and spent hours reading about how to build one I have never actually tried it. I love the idea of a class because I can ask questions as they come and I can watch and learn from the process of the other students.

Last night was the workshop and I showed up with a backseat full of thrifted glassware that I have been collecting for the day that I finally build a terrarium. Most of the class started with really large vessels for their terrariums and while I had a big glass piece in my car, I decided to do small terrariums since they are really my favorites. I did two open and one closed terrarium so that I could learn a bit about what the differences are and what plants work well in each one. Hopefully I can keep these babies alive and thriving.

A top view of the three finished terrariums. To give you an idea of size, the largest one is about 7" in diameter and the smallest is about 4". The top right is the closed system (photographed without the lid.)

This is my favorite of the three. It is a succulent surrounded by mosses and a little of the round low plant in the largest terrarium (I left my notes at the greenhouse so I have no idea what that plant is.)

The is the top view of the closed system. It contains three types of moss- reindeer moss, some wild moss and something else that I can't remember. I found the snail shell laying in a pile of sticks and stuff so I gave him a little place and plan to add some friends.

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