A Little Kentucky Love

I am working on a huge crossstitch project for the shop bathroom, ultimately I want to completely cover the walls with crossstitched images in gilded frames. I am using mostly designs I find online, but a few of the things I want are going to require me to create my own patterns so I thought I would share those charts as they happen.
First up is my Kentucky love piece. In my mind this one seemed simple enough that a pattern should have been available online, but the few Kentucky charts I found were the wrong size for the frame I wanted to use so I created my own. I placed my heart in Central Kentucky, but you non-Lexingtonians can easily move it to your favorite part of the state. The sample is stitched with 2 strands on 14-count aida cloth to make a version that fits in an 5"x7" frame, but you can use 3 strands on an 11-count cloth if you want a larger version that fits an 8"x10" frame. The outline version in both sizes will use less than a skein of floss in both colors and the filled versions use 2-4 in the main color depending on the size you choose. The PDF can be downloaded here. Enjoy!!
Pattern PDF available here.

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