I Only Blog on New Years Day

Time for my annual New Years post, it's the one day a year you can count on me to write a blog entry. Good or bad, everyone I know seems to have a strong opinion on 2014, but for me it was pretty mixed. Emotionally I hit some major lows this year, but they brought about a few life changes that resulted in me wandering outside of my comfort zone and having some pretty amazing experiences. I don't want to relive 2014, but I don't regret the year either. Anyway, on with the resolutions.

My 2014 goals and what I actually did...
1. Finish what I start.
I am ending the year with one project on the needles (the dreaded Lappland Sweater if you are interested,) so I am going to consider this one a success. In reality 2014 was the year I let myself get so overwhelmed that I had to learn to say no and stop taking on projects that I just couldn't finish. 
2. Don't be afraid to do the things that make me happy.
I did get better about putting myself first and doing the things that make me genuinely happy in 2014, of course I had to hit my breaking point to get there but whatever. I took a few small trips by myself and a proper vacation with some friends, I definitely need to travel more.
3. Take more pictures- with my camera, not my phone.
I did this, not as much as I would have liked, but way more than in previous years.
4. Bring my Ravelry project page up to date (I have 80+ undocumented projects.)
I managed to get some old projects up and I documented all of the 2014 projects, at least I think I did.
5. Pay off all my debt (unless I buy a house in which case all debt that is not the mortgage.)
I still owe a bit on my car, but I am almost there.
6. Take at least two classes and attend at least one workshop.
Done and done.
7. Start dyeing again and reopen etsy shop.
Oops, I started this one pretty late in the year so I will extend the etsy stuff until the end of January.

Now for 2015...
1. Eat better, way more whole foods and less processed junk.
2. Schedule one afternoon (four hours) a week of quiet time and don't let it get interrupted by people or work.
3. Get ahead and stay ahead of seasonal shop tasks.
4. Finish and frame twelve pieces for the shop xstitch project.
5. Travel more.
6. Ride my bike more.
7. Have more fun.

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