Project Planner Insert

My project page for the shop, I also have one for personal projects.
Between owning a business, teaching, volunteering, and my gig at the library, I tend to have quite a few projects going at once. I keep an ongoing to do list for projects that need to be done within the next week at the front of my planner, but that doesn't work for long-term projects. I have a lot of "as time permits" tasks, especially for the shop, that never make the main to do list. For these items I keep a LONG running list in Google Drive as well as a shorter post-it style list in my planner. The advantage of keeping a shortened list is that it allows me to focus on just a few of those tasks at a time without getting overwhelmed, so it helps me get more done during my downtime (for this reason I also try to make sure that every project listed on this page can be done in 1-2 hours.) I made a very simple planner insert to be used with the 2" full-adhessive Post-it notes which are my absolute favorites right now. The one I use is single sided with this list on the back, but since the list isn't mine to share I am uploading the page as a double-sided project list that you can print either as single or double sided planner page. Once I was sure I liked this system, I had mine laminated at a local copy shop to prolong the life of the pages.

2-up letter version (cuts to 2-5.5x8.5" pages)
2-up A4 version (cuts to 2-A5 pages)
A5 version

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