I am ready for 2016!!

It's time once again for my annual New Year's post. 2015 was a very difficult year for me and as I review the year I tend to focus on my failures and all of the negative, but despite all of that 2015 had a lot of goodness. My broken leg gave me extra time with friends and family and also a chance to slow down and really think about what I want (seriously, so much time for thinking.) I used some of my extra time to take a few classes, I opened my online shop, and for awhile I was blogging regularly. It was a good year for the shop and in addition to regular shop stuff, Sarah and I made a knitting-themed unnoffficial expansion pack for Cards Against Humanity called Knitters Against Swatches which did really well and taught us a lot about manufacturing and online sales (any past ideas about creating an online ReBelle are officially off the table.)

Now for a review of my 2015 goals...
1. Eat better, way more whole foods and less processed junk.
I consumed more processed foods this year than ever before. Most of it was due to my broken leg and an inability to stand and cook. On the plus side, once I was able to cook again I did manage to cut out most of the processed foods so at least I finished strong on this one.
2. Schedule one afternoon (four hours) a week of quiet time and don't let it get interrupted by people or work.
I did this for a few weeks, but work kept creeping in so it fell by the wayside pretty fast.
3. Get ahead and stay ahead of seasonal shop tasks.
I created a calendar with seasonal reminders that really helped me keep on top of things, but no matter how hard I tried there were still a bunch of last minute tasks.
4. Finish and frame twelve pieces for the shop xstitch project.
This was going to be a fail, but in my panic at not accomplishing any of my goals for the year I did a marathon week of cross stitching and completed this one just under the wire.
5. Travel more.
6. Ride my bike more.
Double nope.
7. Have more fun.

My 2016 goals...
1. Improve my handwriting.
2. Develop 4 new classes.
3. Submit 1 article and 4 patterns for publication.
4. Improve my overall health.
5. Finish and frame twelve pieces for the shop xstitch project, again.
6. Spend more time with friends, regular outings and phone calls.

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