2016 in Review and New Goals

It is pretty much accepted at this point that 2016 was a garbage fire of a year. So much hate and intolerance floated to the surface, the likes of which I haven't seen in my lifetime. It was sad and discouraging. Amidst all of that, I pushed the edges of my comfort zone and I managed to have a pretty empowering year. I hope the strength and courage I built in 2016 will help me fight in 2017. I am ready.

Let's review my 2016 goals...
1. Improve my handwriting. Nope, I did not spend one minute of 2016 working on this. Oh well.
2. Develop 4 new classes. I did achieve this, but I have only taught three of the classes so far. Still going to call this a win.
3. Submit 1 article and 4 patterns for publication. Yes. I actually submitted several class and article ideas throughout the year as part of my attempt to become more comfortable with rejection.
4. Improve my overall health. Yes!! This goal was mostly about dealing with the residual effects of last year's broken leg, but ended up extending past that. I got my ankle and knee to the point where I could walk 8-10 miles a day without much pain and on uneven surfaces. Then I started working on my anxiety which has long prevented me from tackling other things that really needed to be dealt with. It was a really difficult year, but I experienced more victories than defeats and in the end I am stronger and healthier which feels pretty amazing.
5. Finish and frame twelve pieces for the shop xstitch project, again. Easy Peasy, I hit this goal in February or March of this year. Not sure of the final count for the year, but it was almost half a wall so I am feeling pretty good about this one.
6. Spend more time with friends, regular outings and phone calls. Yes and no. On a local level, I mostly failed at this. I had several months of self-imposed isolation where I only left my house for work and exercise. I did manage to spend time with a few dear faraway friends who I don't see nearly enough so on that front it was mostly a success. 

My 2017 goals...
1. Stop apologizing for who I am and what I want.
2. Make more art.*
3. Continue doing the things that make my body and mind stronger.
4. Get my Ravelry projects page up to date (again.) 
5. Reduce pointless screen time (i.e. stop staring at my phone so much.)

*Over the past few years I have done a few community art projects anonymously (some I owned up to upon completion, some I didn't.) No more of this.**
**Okay, maybe a bit more of this, but mostly I want to put my name on things.

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