For the first time I remember, I didn't do a New Year post in 2020 so to be safe I am going to resume writing them once a year. Like most people I had a pretty rough year- there was the struggle of owning a small business that was forced to close to the public for three months, the balance of my work/personal life, the worry about the safety of my elderly parents who weren't taking the pandemic as seriously as I thought they should, and just the general stress of watching people around me act selfishly and go carelessly. Then over the summer I lost my mom. It was sudden and completely unexpected, it turned my world upside down. I went into a heavy period of anxiety and depression where I stopped eating and triggered what I know now was a flair up of an autoimmune disease. I am now in the process of getting back to healthy which involves both mental and physical health and there will be a lot of changes happening over the next year to accommodate that. 

All that said, 2020 was also full of bright spots. I survived lock down in a new living situation with my partner without so much as a single argument. I started playing weekly board games via zoom with friends I usually only get to play with 1-2 times a year. I got to do a lot of digital hangouts with people I don't normally see enough and having those experiences really reminded me of how great the people in my life and my community are. Despite everything happening, the year was filled with love and laughter. 

My goals for the upcoming year are mostly the same stuff I usually do- make some things, try some things. Mostly my goal is recovery in all areas of my life. 

2021 by the numbers

  • Read 40 books 
  • Knit 12 projects
  • Add 100 squares to my Memories Blanket
  • Design 8 new cross stitches
  • Write 12 blog posts
  • Play 50 new board games
  • Walk 600 miles 
  • Attend 12 digital classes/lectures
Things to do in 2021
  • learn 4 harness weaving
  • sew a fitted garment- the Jiffy Popover Dress
  • sew an intermediate garment- Burnside Bibs
  • find and implement daily practices that reduce stress
  • make my year as bright and colorful as possible
  • take a vacation
Things to quit in 2021

  • doom scrolling social media
  • negative self talk
  • procrastinating simple tasks

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