2022 was a pretty great year for me. I got a bit of a rocky start with some health issues that set me back a little, but with some persistence and a few life changes I managed to end the year in way better health.

One of my goals for 2022 was not to quantify everything I do, but on reviewing the year the numbers are all I see so I will go back to the previous method.

  • Read 40 books I read 32 fiction books and a ton of nonfiction that I didn't record so I will say this was a success. 
  • Knit 12 projects I knitted way more than 12, but I still need to add them to Ravelry. Hopefully I will get that done before February.
  • Add 100 squares to my Memories Blanket Yes and I think I will be finishing the blanket in 2023 which is really exciting!!
  • Play 50 new board games I spent most of the year focusing on playing the games already in our collection, but I still managed to play 50 new games and complete a 10x10 challenge. 
  • Continue doing things that fuel my creativity. Find ways to explore mediums and techniques outside of my comfort zone and don't be afraid of failure. I killed this goal, I worked on creative activities almost every day in 2022. I carved over 150 stamps, created hundreds of monotype prints, took a ton of classes, read a bunch of art books, and became braver about showing my progress.
  • Work on a new secret art project, I miss doing these and I think the world can use a little extra magic right now. I didn't do this in 2022, but i am going to put it back on the docket for 2023. I have three different ideas simmering so I should be able to accomplish at least one of them this year.
  • Start journaling again. Not sure what this looks like, probably not blog entries, but maybe a physical journal. Doesn't need to be rigorous, just a place to document aspects of my life. Another fail. I think I got so wrapped up in what this looks like that I never took the first step. That said, I have already started a journal for 2023 so this will be a go for this year. 
Now for my 2023 goals. 
  • Show my work, at the very least I would like to participate in every group show that my guild does, but ideally I would push myself outside of my comfort zone and at least try to get into a couple of other group shows.
  • Create 12 books/zines. I have been doing a bunch of art swaps by mail and have fallen back into zine making. I made a few last year and would like to amp that up a bit this year. Anything from mini zine to half letter is acceptable and I am not going to limit myself as to themes or styles.
  • Design and print a custom washi tape. I handmade some paper tapes in 2022 and I loved using them on mail and in my planner. My thought is that I would have a hand full of rolls printed and gift them to friends.
  • Finish my cozy memories quilt
  • Mail 2 cards per month
  • Maintain a daily sketchbook practice
  • publish 3 patterns

My word of the year is explore. I plan to explore new activities and locations throughout the year, I want to spend the year discovering things previously unknown to me both tangible and intangible. 

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