Martha's stupid poncho

Everywhere I turn someone seems to be obsessing over that stupid poncho Martha Stewart wore when she got out of jail. Sure when faced with all of the things she could wear upon her release it was really nice of her to choose to show off the work of a fellow inmate, but why are people talking about it? Interweave Knits had Lily Chin design a pattern and I received 2 email messages from Lion Brand about the poncho; one informing me that they were working around the clock on the pattern and the other telling me the coming home poncho was finally complete. If that wasn't enough, there is a thread on almost every knit board about people trying to make this poncho. The most amazing thing about this whole ordeal is that no one seems to realize how ugly and unflattering that stupid poncho is. Death to Martha's Poncho!!!!

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rincaro said...

I totally agree. It's a chunky poncho that seems to make every model that wears it fat looking. Personally the other story I wanna hear regarding is maybe something heartwarming about the inmate who did it for her.