Spin Span Spun

Tonight I went to the Va. Beach snb and Jennifer taught me to spin using a drop spindle. I am so excited, I can't wait to try to spin some of the 'rid's hair. When I got home I told Philip all about my little spinning adventure and he was really excited about the prospect of an Astrid hair hat. Then he looked online with me for roving material and mentioned that he spun and dyed his own yarn when he took the dreaded weaving class. Here I was, so excited that I finally learned this and he knew it all along, but kept it top secret. Sometimes that boy drives me mad! Anyway, I am going to make a drop spindle later this week and if my roving arrives by Friday I should be spinning over the weekend.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes there's more to Philip than meets the eye!!

Anonymous said...

Philip really should share more. He's quite facinating when he lets loose.