Manos yarn in the paper

This is a crochet entry so knitters beware. On Wednesday the Virginian-Pilot ran a full-page article on how to crochet a bag. While I know this isn't rocket science, it is nice to see this kind of thing in the newspaper. The most exciting part of the article was the yarn they decided to use to make the bag, Manos del Uruguay cotton stria. I love Manos yarn, it is soft, beautiful, fabulous to work with, and socially responsible. Manos del Uruguay is a non-profit organization that gives job opportunities to women in rural Uruguay. There are so many bad things that go on in the textile industy that it is really nice to find a good company from time to time.

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jae said...

aha! i knew you knew political things about yarn. i'm still hoping you'll get back to me about writing for my zine... any chance?