Slave to the Needles, issue 2

Last week I received my copy of Aimee Hagerty Johnson's Slave to the Needles, issue 2 from October 2004. I love this zine, it's jam packed with fun stuff including comics, interviews, patterns, and reviews. Slave to the Needles is so fun that even my boyfriend, a non-knitter, read it. Aimee interviews several rockin' women including Tegan & Sarah, Sasha Bell, and Kathi Wilcox about all things crafty. The zine is filled with illustrations and stories about Aimee's knitting experiences and her magical pegasus, Kamilla, who sweeps her up from bad situations. The patterns include a flowered bonnet (on the front cover), a toaster cozy, and a pair of super cute pixie underpants. I can't wait to see what issue 3 has to offer.

If you want your own copy send $3 cash money to
Slave to the Needles
PO Box 260224
Madison, WI 53726-0224

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