It's fun-due time!

My friend Chelsea was cleaning out her grandma's house and she came across a fondue pot. She decided that she would never used it so she gave it to Philip and I to enjoy. Unfortunately, the set was missing fondue forks and since Philip and I are too sophisticated to eat fondue without the proper forks we set out on a fork-finding adventure. After a few failed attempts we finally found the forks at Williams-Sonoma and immediately set out for the other needed supplies.

We decided to go with the pub fondue recipe from the Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook so we needed some lager to give it some kick. We chose Yuengling because that's one of the only lagers that Philip drinks.

Next we needed some dipping ingredients so we got tempeh, plum tomatoes, cauliflower, and of course, some crusty bread (not so crusty in the picture, but a few minutes in the oven fixed that).

We went home and put all of the fondue ingredients in the blender to make a smooth sauce. As we looked at the premixed ingredients we started to have doubts, but once the mixture was blended we were totally at ease.

This is Philip's very first fondue experience so he was very excited.
beer fondue

And here is his first bite.
Beer Fondue 2

What does he think? He likes it, he likes it!
Beer Fondue 3

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Anonymous said...

Is fondue is the dish of choice for all Dead Milkmen fans? You betcha'!!