Memories and freeform hats

My friend Angela wants crocheted headphone covers that can be changed out depending on her mood. I have seen patterns for knitted versions of these, but they are pretty boring and aren't constructed in a way that would allow them to be changed to match an outfit or a mood. I started thinking of ideas for the closure and I ended up with some really cool covering ideas. The whole thing made me realize how much I miss crocheting and that I am gong to have to work it back into my crafting schedule.

For years I chose crochet over knitting because it was faster and I felt like I had more creative control over my work. I could make almost anything I saw or imagined without needing a pattern- in fact I've never even read a crochet pattern, only the pictures. For the most part I do what is called freeform crochet where I make it up as I go. To me crochet was a sculpting method that used yarn as the medium, I could change the shape of something just by moving the stitches.

This morning I came across Ana Voog's website were she features the coolest freeform hats I have ever seen, definately check it out.

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