New yarn and a huge challenge

On Monday my banana silk yarn arrived from Town & Country Llamas and it is beautiful, althought a little bulky for Clapotis. I think that I am going to make a more open, lacey wrap with it to accentuate the texture of the yarn. I knitted up a swatch last night and it is so soft and easy to work with , I can't wait to start knitting my wrap.

On Monday I also recieved my Master Knitter Level 1 folder. Wow is that thing intimidating. I think the key is to take it slowly and get it right. I can tell that I am going to have to knit a ton of swatches and do quite a bit of research for the questions; I have already pinpointed things that I need to work on before swatching (i.e, my tension, edges, and cast ons) I am going to start the first increase practice swatch tonight trying all of the increases and deciding what I need to work on with each one. The nice thing about the program is that there is no deadline so I can really take my time and get things right. More on this tonight.

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