No knitting today

I woke up (not by choice) at 6am this morning so I decided to make scones to bring to work. I got the Teany Book yesterday and thought this would be the perfect chance to try out the scone recipe inside. Since I have never made scones before I followed the recipe exactly and ended up with a mixture that had the consistency of pancake batter. I knew this wasn't right so I rechecked all of the measurements and I did everything as listed. Conclusion- the recipe was wrong, you need to either double the dry ingredients or cut the wet ones in half.

In other news, I ordered The Urban/Suburban Composter (again!) this morning. It is out of print so I used Fetch Book to find the best used price, things can get tricky with out-of print-books, and Amazon had the best prices and the most copies so I bought through them.

I am starting another container garden- this year no tomatoes! I am going to grow beets for dying, cilantro (since I still have seeds), basil, thyme, and rosemary. It is mostly an herb garden since the birds and squirrels go after my veggies, especially tomatoes. I want to make little boxes to house the ugly plastic planters I have, but that might be a project for next year. We are planning on moving in the fall and I really want an apartment that is part of a house so that we can have a yard. It would be so lovely to have a little garden in addition to the million planters I have.

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Anonymous said...

Yesterday I made the teany scones, substituting cream for the soymilk and real butter for the fake butter. I got pancake batter, too! I added a bunch more flour and they came out fine (after baking for about 20 minutes longer than the recipe suggests).

I wondered how dairy ingredients could be so totally different than vegan ingredients, so today I bought "buttery sticks" and some soymilk. The product was the same : (

I googled "teany book scones recipe wrong" and found your site. glad to see we both had problems! And your site looks really fun. Happy sconeing!