Hooray for secret pals!!

I recieved my first secret pal package on Saturday!!
sp5 Inside I found a book on knitting toys, four beautiful handmade stitch marker, a postcard indicating that my secret pal is from Long Beach, and a box of oatmeal raisin cookies that Philip and I devoured almost immediately. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I can't wait to start making little toys for Astrid to destroy, it should be great fun.

In other news, I am on a yarn fast until September 1; I cannot buy yarn or Goodwill sweaters to frog. The only LYS shopping I can do is for my secret pal (which should ease the pain). I am hoping this will reduce my current stash, which has outgrown it's container, by at least half. I am going to focus on creative ways to use what I have, especially the leftovers from finished projects. I will post as I go.


Anonymous said...

Your welcome...I'm glad you enjoyed your cookies...I was affraid they where going to spoil!
I feel so special that you posted your blog on my 27th birday! Yeahhh!

Hey, that yarn diet, good luck. My yarn/book diet lasted all but 2 days...I just couldn't take it much longer!

Anonymous said...

Hiya! What a great box from your Secret Pal.

I'm on a yarn diet as well and man is it hard! Especially when I go shopping for my own SP...it's just so tempting to pick a little something up for myself as well!

So good luck with that :-) I'll be visiting your blog again to see how you do!

Atouria said...

What sweet gifts! I completely understand about the yarn diet. I don't have quite enough to last me until September, but I do my best to only buy what I need. My stash is mainly built up of leftovers. There are only a few skeins designated for projects I haven't yet begun.