A knitting post...at last

I'm back on the wagon. It has been awhile since I actually posted anything about knitting since I haven't been doing a ton of knitting and most of what I have done is swatches, which aren't interesting enough to post. I am working on the itsy bitsy bag from knitty again and it should be done by the weekend. I really like the itsy bitsy bag because it uses three stitches, two of which, basketweave and herringbone, were totally new to me. The bag has a really fun texture and will be perfect for short outings. I also bought 2 new knitting books this weekend (I said yarn fast, not book fast). I bought Stitch n' bitch: A Knitter's Design Journal for me, which is the perfect size to fit in my knitting bag and I bought Knitticisms...and other Purls of Wisdom for my secret pal.

In other news, Philip and I are taking a short vacation next weekend due to some very stressful current events. I know this trip is going to put us way over budget, but I think sometimes mental health is more important than a savings plan. Originally, we were going to New York for the renegade craft fair in Brooklyn, but Philip wasn't really excited so it would have been more of a me trip. Instead, we decided to go to Richmond and stay the entire weekend. Philip loves Richmond, plus the hotels are about 1/3 the price of a NYC room which means we will have money for food and shopping.


Grace said...

Hi there! Your blog is great! I linked to it. You find the most interesting/insane, artsy, fiber-related things online. I really enjoyed it. -G

Anonymous said...

Hi -- so now a post on your journal! The itsy bitsy and kitchen sink bags look really nice! I've been meaning to try basketweave (I tried once, before I knew how to switch between k and p properly so it's time to try again!)

A question, how do you get a secret pal? Is your secret pal vegan or knows that you are?

Have fun in Richmond!

Anonymous said...

Right after I wrote, I found the button on your page and wrote an email to the host. I hope it's not too late, though I think it probably is. Funny, because on June 2 I took the questionaire, not even consciously realizing what it was for!