Just another day

I just realized that I still haven't made the clapotis that I have been drooling over since it came out; I am probably the last knitter on earth who hasn't tried out this pattern. My yarn fast ends on September 1 and on that day I am going to buy 3 skeins of Southwest Trading Company's bamboo yarn to finally make the clapotis. Until then I am still working on the cigar gloves, tons of dish towels (I've got to use up the cotton stash), more hemp face cloths, needle cases, and whatever I can come up with to use up the odds and ends that are in my stash.

DSCN1081This weekend I dyed the 500 yards of yarn that I frogged from the Goodwill sweater. The colors actually look way cooler in real life, but with the light situation I couldn't really capture that. I am going to attempt to make a circular sweater with this yarn, but since I will be writing the pattern as I go there is no telling how it will turn out. The concept seems pretty simple, it's the measurements that make it intimidating. I found a tutorial on craftster that should simplify the process. I'll probably start swatching tonight so I'll post my progress.

I bought the new Vogue Knitting last night, it has a gypsy theme. This is probably the best issue I have ever seen. There are lots of wraps with great textures and some really nice sweaters that I would actually wear. I am not planning on using any of the patterns as of yet, but I bought the issue so that when I am ready it will be there.


Michelle said...

Oh wow, I have 3 skeins of sw bamboo (in "azure") reserved to make the Clapotis! (I bought it during that yarn crawl I went to a month or so ago). But, I have not attempted the pattern yet, either. I was thinking of starting in the fall, when the prospect of wearing a big scarf was more appealing to me. Perhaps we will start ours together and work together through blogland!

Robyn Wade said...

We should definately do a clappy knit-a-long. I am planning on buying the bamboo labor day weekend when my yarn fast is over and the LYS is having a sale. I am up for starting anytime after that. *robyn

Michelle said...

Ooh, sounds good. By the time you get your yarn, I will be ready.