New Look

drop stitch scarfI didn't do a lot of knitting this weekend, but I did make a dropped stitch scarf out of the Classic Elite yarn that my secret pal sent. The scarf is about 3" wide and 80" long with fringe on the ends. I also revamped my blog this weekend. I finally got tired of using the same template as several other bloggers. My new template is still a work in progress, but I am very happy with the new look.

In other news, a convicted child molester was sentenced to 320 hours of needlework instead of jail time. I can't decide what is worse, crocheting being used as a punishment or a child molester getting no jail time. If I am ever convicted of a felony I hope I get this judge.


Anonymous said...

Oooh, I love your new look--superfly!

Im glad you found something to do with the yarn. After I bought it I came home and searched for a small project to use it with and nothing.

Needlework vs. jailtime...what could be worse??;-)


Robyn Wade said...

Yeah, I looked around for a small project too, but didn't come up with anything. I love the colors in the yarn and it's been awhile since I made a scarf so this was perfect. Now it just needs to cool down outside so I can wear it!