Moving is fun?

Is there something I'm doing wrong? I have piles of boxes that are making it difficult to walk around my apartment and yet nothing seems packed, there is still stuff everywhere. This is my first move in three years which is pretty impressive considering that I moved over 15 times in college. I definitely prefer staying in one place and I hope that this move will be long-term. I am really happy with the place that Philip picked out, it has almost everything on our wishlist for an apartment and then some. There is lots of project space for me and he will still have his studio. The only thing that we don't like about the apartment is the bathroom.
We had planned on decorating the bathroom around the shower curtain that we were going to make out of some billboard vinyl we have. We were going to paint the walls red and do some spray paint stenciling and graffiti to give it an underground feel. Unfortunately, this won't quite work in our new bathroom with it's pink countertop, vanity lights, gold fixtures, and public restroom soap dispenser. We haven't decided how we are going to decorate, but whatever we do has to accentuate the 80's decor.


Anonymous said...

argggg! I'm so picky about bathrooms. But I'm sure your'll make the best of it! Your idea sounds super fab already.

Ever been to "House of Blues"? It's a night club here in L.A. Their bathrooms had the same feel...though they used diamond plate as counter tops and beer bottle caps (mosaic-like) on the ceiling---looked awsome!

jen said...

i think you can still do the graffiti, add some glam 80's decorations, and go for a "80's roller rink bathroom" look. if you are good with graphic arts, maybe even make up some faux flyers for "upcoming events" like "a totally awesome to the max new year's eve skating party!!!" to hang on the walls. if you really want to go for it, maybe find an old condom machine for the walls!! that would be rad.

because you seem to cook such yummy vegan food, i tagged you for a meme. i'm not sure i did it right though.

vania said...

your recipes sound and look amazing. good luck moving in - just pace yourself. i hope it's okay that i added you as a link! i need more vegan friends!

Michelle said...

I'm sure you'll make your house all homey - no matter what this bathroom looks like now.

So, about vegan food, are ya gonna do the chickpea contest or do another one here? I like the challenge... it's fun

Robyn Wade said...

I love chickpeas. I am definately in on this one.

pwodat said...

Now I can say I have seen 127A Ransom Avenue. Grandaddy and I met Philip there last night. I told him he should be a rental agent for picking such a great apartment. His mom & dad were there too, so we had "Old Home Week." I could see lots of ideas for the bathroom, one being those stencil squares put over some of the tiles. The cabinet top is pretty (to me). If you didn't yank out the soap dispenser, one of the things I thought of was handing either an artificial greenery or wreath that would hide it (just an idea). The floors throughout the house look really great. I love all the nooks and crannies throughout the place and especially the room it has. Astrid, you will love this place. Just think, you can run from one room to the next and chase Robyn and Philip to your heart's content. And you even have a backyard. The neighborhood is great, and Woodland Park is just a couple of blocks away. And, of course, an "occasional" visit to the coffee shop in the near vicinity. Sounds pretty good to me. You and Philip will look really good standing on the porch for a posed photo, Robyn.