What's a meme?

So it looks like Jen from I Like to Knit tagged me with the foodie side of the Basic Juice meme. I am still a bit confused about what I am supposed to do, but I'll give it a try. Since Philip left, my diet has pretty much consisted of Ives veggie bowls and salads, I'm just too lazy to cook for one. While my diet might be boring, grocery shopping has been a breeze.

The best meal I've had in the last month was an antipasto pizza that Philip and I made before he left. It had an artichoke base with red peppers, portabella mushrooms, black olives, basil and Follow Your Heart mozzarella. Follow this with a glass of Folie a Deux 2003 Menage a Trois California Red and that is what I call the perfect meal, simple and flavorful.

I am now going to tag Michelle from Michelle knits to keep this thing going.

In other news, today is a big day of packing since I only have a week left until Philip arrives with the moving truck. Today is the day that I pack up the yarn and crafting supplies. I am packing everything except the yarn and needles I need to make a top secret project (I would tell you, but then it won't be a secret) and my first pair of socks which will be knee socks. I am also having our internet turned off today which means my commenting speed might be a little slower than normal. Hopefully, next Sunday everything will slow down quite a bit and I can write about my adventures in one pot cooking and knitting with tiny needles.


Michelle said...

ooh, definitely keep us updated on knee socks. If I ever make socks, they shall be knee socks, yes. My favorite kind.

I've never been tagged before -- how exciting. We must be on the computer at the same time, too. I'm going to write my response now, and then leave the computer for a bit. Happy Saturday, oh, and don't pack the chickpeas!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for feeding the meme! I've added a link to the Basic Juice Meme list. Cheers, beau