Bright yarn and more moving fun

On Saturday, I went to AC Moore with Jackie & co. and I ended up buying two t-shirts with iron-on letters and four skeins of Red Heart’s new Soft Yarn. I am pretty skeptical about Red Heart yarn, but this stuff is really soft and comes in great colors. I got two skeins of tangerine and 2 skeins of guacamole that I am going to use for some striped legwarmers. I met Jackie Sherry and Angela at Fair Grounds tonight for a little snb, but due to tangled yarn problems (my fault, not the yarn’s), I only made it through three rows of my legwarmers. I am hoping to have way more craft time after we move everything on Saturday.

In moving news, almost everything is packed up and ready to go. Philip comes tonight and we will finish packing the kitchen and then I am bribing some friends with beer to help us move everything into the truck tomorrow. After the move, which should take under two hours, Philip and I were going to take a bike ride, but since it looks like rain we'll just have to come up with a rainy day activity instead. I rode my bike along the Elizabeth River bike path last weekend and I found a little park that I never knew existed. If I had known it was there we would have gone there for Saturday picnics. I guess I regret not exploring this area more. I spent my entire stay here living, working, eating, and playing almost exclusively in my neighborhood and yet even within my neighborhood there were things I never discovered. I am going to spend my last three weeks here exploring, it’s never too late.


Michelle said...

I was wondering how your move was going. Two hours doesn't sound like too bad at all. I envy you -- all my moves have been whole day affairs. I hope that it is short and painless or mostly so (try to avoid those moving bruises on the arms and legs!)

I've been thinking about how knitting is costing me too much, so your link with the red heart was timely. Though I'm not going to buy anything now, I'm really going to have to start exploring cheaper crafting options, ya know? So thanks for the tip, and I hope the rest of the move goes smoothly...

Robyn Wade said...

Embroidery is super cheap.