A framing project

I have a pretty large collection of 1950's pin-ups that I have never taken the time to display. A lot of the collection is reprints of original art, but I do have a few vintage pieces. A few years ago I found some pages from a vintage pin-up calendar. It was one of those free calendars that the autoshops give their best customers. I kept these pages put away in a drawer until the other day when I finally decided to display them. Since they are so old I didn't want to just slap them up on the wall so off to Michael's I went to find a simple frame to display them in. Since we are on a tight budget, we couldn't afford the parts to build a custom frame so instead we settled on a long frame meant to display three small images. The frame was a little bigger than what we needed so we decided to use a mat (or art paper) to scale it down a bit. After about 20 minutes of trying different colors of paper with the calendar pages we chose a nice bright red to go against the pages and a light green to go around the border. I attached the pages to the paper using acid-free rubber cement. I love using rubber cement with paper projects, it doesn't wrinkle the paper and if you only apply it to one surface it can easily be removed. I am very happy with the way it came out.

long frame

Since I was in the pin-up framing mood I also framed three pin-up postcards that we picked up from a little paper shop. I just used 4x6 inch clip frames that I buy whenever they go on sale. Just slide the cards in and in less than a minute you have a wall decoration that costs under $2.

clip frames

In knitting news, I am still making slow progress on the legwarmers. The first leg is almost finished.


robiewankenobie said...

come tomorrow night so we can distract you and help you "savor" the legwarmers a little longer.

Michelle said...

I think those pinups look really great in that large frame. And I love the little 4x6 frames for postcards. We have one in our apt that's a reproduction of an old book cover that says "Love was our college major." Great to see you're settling in with all these crafty projects!

Robyn Wade said...

I will be at the snb tomorrow, ready to be distracted!