New tables and warm legs

I designated last Friday as Do Nothing Day, but I discovered that I can't relax for an entire day. I was doing pretty good until about 3pm when Philip's parents called to say that they found our end tables at an antique store. I was so excited that I started moving the living room around to accommodate the new tables and the fabulous lamp that Sarah gave us.


After all of that I worked on the armwarmers for awhile and relaxed although following a chart is a lot more time consuming than I had originally thought it would be. Around 9pm there was a knock on the door and a bunch of people and beer came into our apartment, like a flash mob but a little smaller. It was really fun, but I wish we had more furniture in our living room so everyone didn't have to sit on the floor. I am refinishing the bar stools in the basement so there was only the sofa and the green chair for seating.

Saturday we checked out some of the local thrift stores. Two of the four stores that we had decided to visit were closed because of the Thanksgiving holiday which was a little disappointing. We were searching for a lamp and a lampshade for the living room, but came up with nothing except a pair of toe socks that Philip is going to use to make a sock creature. I am convinced that the thrift store bad luck was due to the fact that I didn't make a big donation before we hit the stores. I am a little superstitious in this sense, I always have great scores when I donate. I will try again next weekend with donation in hand.

As for knitting, I finished my legwarmers a little while back, but I just added some ribbons to hold them up and add a little color.


I am making slow progress on the hurry up spring armwarmers. I am also working on Christmas presents which I will have to save up and post after the holidays since I don't want anyone to know what they are getting. Let me jut say that so far only one of the presents I am making involves knitting, the others vary in process.


Michelle said...

Lovely legwarmers! What a great idea about the ribbon -- I have to try that!

jen said...

i too like your legwarmers.

i am the same way, superstitious about donating when i go to the thrift store. in the past i've had such good luck at thrift stores and i'm so anxious that my luck will run out!

but always remembering to donate is not a problem because i love getting rid of stuff as much as i love finding stuff. i always have a big pile of stuff to waiting to be donated sitting in my house.

robiewankenobie said...

you know that 'ne designed those bad boys. if you run into any issues you can totally ask her for clarification.