Knitters of America rejoice

Today the NYT ran a story about the new TSA rules and I am happy to report that we can bring scissors on the plane again. I acted like I was fine using nail clippers to cut my yarn, but deep down I was longing for my scissors, they are more versatile and usually don't get lost before my return flight. Thank you TSA.

Below is the new list of permitted items and for you smokers I am sad to report that your lighters are still out.

* Scissors with blades 4 inches long or less (New)
* Screwdrivers less than 7 inches long (New)
* Tools less than 7 inches long, including wrenches and pliers (New)
* Knitting needles
* Toy weapons (if not realistic replicas)
* Tweezers
* Nail clippers
* Round-bladed knives and plastic cutlery
* Up to four books of safety matches

1 comment:

vania said...

here's hoping the laws will change in Canada soon.... finally, we can relax and knit on planes again