It only took a week

So the cheesecake making ended up being a little more of an ordeal than we expected. The recipe was very easy, but we couldn't find a pan small enough to fit into any of the pans we had so we could do a water bath. We borrowed pans from family members and we discovered that not all spring-form pans are water tight and finally on Thursday I gave in and bought an inexpensive 8" cake pan that worked perfectly. We followed the recipe and ended up with a perfect vegan cheesecake that looked exactly like the picture. We will be making three more cheesecakes this week, all NY style for Christmas. I love it when my baking turns out!


Michelle said...

I haven't baked a cake in a while, but I recently bought one of those springform pans, too, so I hope the one I bought works!

vania said...

i love it too when my (vegan) baking turns out, because it doesn't always. Case in point, you CANNOT make chocolate cream puffs vegan. Our 'puffs' turned into flat flat cookies.