Meet Oscar

Yesterday, Philip and I visited Stone's Throw Artisans in Georgetown to get a drive band for the spinning wheel that my dad found and a few last minute goodies for my secret pal. If you live in Central Kentucky and haven't visited this place you should definitely make the trek. Their customer service is outstanding; I brought my wheel in and got a 30 minute lesson on how to repair and maintain this antique wheel.

stripey We have been busy working on Christmas presents. Philip is making sock creatures like a little factory. Since they are gifts I can't actually show you any of the creatures destined for new homes, but I can show you this one. After Philip finished this guy I knitted him a little scarf and a little tuft of hair. He was so cool that we decided to add him to our personal sock creature collection so we can look at him every day.

Tomorrow I will be mailing my last secret pal package (a little late because I forgot about the deadline.) I will also be mailing all of the other things that I have been meaning to mail for the last month so if you are expecting a package from me you should get it this week, sorry about the wait. A special apology to a certain couple who have a wedding present that has been sitting in my living room for over a month waiting to make a trip to New Mexico. It will be there soon and I hope it will be worth the wait.


Michelle said...

that's excellent! i love love love it! would you be interested in socks that have lost their mates? i'd love to make creatures myself some day, but for now, i'd love to pass them on to you (email me your address) if you'd like em... i have a bunch!

Michelle said...

Oh, me again. Thanks for the book! I'm really excited to get started!

Giu said...

i love that creature :D
congrats to philip, that's some awesome job!