Art and Free Food

Today we took a short road trip to Cincinnati with Philip's parents to see the Borrowed Time exhibit at the Cincinnati Art Museum. The exhibit was interesting, but honestly I expected more. There was another exhibit by Cat Chow on the first floor of the museum which featured clothing made from band-aids, money, zippers, washers, and other non-traditional items. My favorite pieces were entirely made from zippers; I just imagined how fun it would be to unzip the spirals of zippers that made up the garments.

After the museum, we went looking for a store (I think it was this one), but we never found it. Instead we went to lunch at PF Chang's where they made my dish with the wrong tofu and instead of asking me if I would eat it (which I would have) they remade it and gave me the messed up batch to take home, score!

I am going to head out to the Saturday night snb at Third Street Stuff in a bit since I haven't done any knitting this week.

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I just finally had the time to catch up on all your recent posts, and you have been a busy little bee. WOW. I feel like a total slacker now. Congrats on starting out 2006 with a burst of energy, and good luck with all your endeavors.