Mission: Movie Organization

dvd shelfContinuing on the organization path, today I decided to organize our DVD's. When I was in high school my dad built this little shelf to hold all of my CD's. I outgrew the shelf in college and it has been in the attic at Philip's parent's house for the past few years. The other night it dawned on me that the shelf would be perfect for our DVD's, so out of storage it came. Amazingly enough it is exactly the right size for our DVD collection. There is only room on the shelf for one or two more movies, but I think we will probably start a row on top once we run out of room. We almost never buy DVD's, most of them come to use as gifts so we should be set until next Christmas.

I have stayed consistently busy this week, taking on a few projects every day.
*Repotted 2 plants in pots from Philip's dad
*Made a double batch of Indian Cauliflower and Kidney Bean Stew with Coconut Milk from Robin Robertson's Fresh from the Vegetarian Slow Cooker cookbook
*Put up a kitchen towel rack since there is no place in the kitchen to hang a towel
*Put up hooks to hold pot holders by the oven since the ones by the sink weren't cutting it

*Drove to Stone's Throw Artisans in Georgetown to spend my gift certificate
*Took a tour of the North Side YMCA
*Hooked up my mom's DVD player


*Joined the YMCA
*Worked out
*Organized the Christmas stuff
*Put all kitchen appliances with their parts on top of the overhead cabinets to keep them out of the way. This frees up some cabinet space for the pots and pans and makes everything easier to get to.
*Replanted the aloe plant, removing some of the babies and separating the others. It didn't seem to handle the move very well so I am hoping that this will save it.

Tomorrow I only need to get my Kentucky driver's license and a library card.


Anonymous said...

You really needed a week off. Moving seems to create more work than usual. I really like your "shelf" you created in the closet. After all, what are closets for!? Your apartment is really shaping up. I was so impressed when I saw it the first time--the room is unbelievable. I know you had lots of room in Norfolk, but Ransom looks big to me. And Astrid loves the hardwood floors--she likes to ice skate!

vania said...

oh, i like this idea of writing down what you did each day - this would work for my new part-time job so i know i am actually doing stuff when i'm at home.
i think you're 2006 resolutions are fantastic. i also love to buy locally, and congrats on starting your own business (what are you doing?)