Crafty challenges on the road

I am staying in Norfolk for two week so before I left Lexington I came up with some projects to work on during my trip that would take up relatively little room in my suitcase. I settled on three projects and a bunch of reading.

The first project is making cards. I have a ton of card blanks from a Christmas card making project a few years ago so I thought this would be a good time to use some of them. The cards are going to have a background made with decoupaged newspaper (I have regular newsprint and pink newsprint) and have a block printed image on top. I had to buy two new rubber blocks, but other than that I already had all of the supplies.

The second project is a top secret knitting project. I wanted to use this week to start working on a top secret knitting project so that a certain boy I live with won't see it until it is done. This is a rather complicated projects so I wanted to spend the majority of my free time working on it.

The third project is an apron for this month's tie one on challenge. If I get to it, it will be a gardening apron made from an old pair of cargo pants that developed a huge hole right before I left town. I brought along some funky edging and some embroidery floss for accents.

When I arrived at the staff house, I put all of my crafty supplies in one of the dresser drawers for easy access.

trip to Norfolk 004

I looked at my new little crafty corner and I realized something was missing. After going over my supply list in my head I realized that my dpns were the missing party. I can't even start my knitting project without my dpns so I called Philip and he found my needles right next to the bed where I was packing my bag. He is going to mail them to me, but this whole ordeal is going to cut a week off of my secret project knitting time! If I get them by the weekend I should still be able to finish most of the project before returning to Lexington, but if not I will just have to hope Philip has weekend shifts for the two weekends after I return.

While I am going through my knitting drama here, Philip is in Lexington sculpting some pirates for our pirate shadowbox project. When I return, we will finally paint, assemble, and hang the shadowbox.


Anonymous said...

'arr me matey!

Anonymous said...

You gonna swing by Borders While you are in Norfolk?

Robyn Wade said...

If all goes well, I will be at Borders on Monday. Fingers crossed!