Wish me luck

I've decided to participate in the Knitting Olympics next month. The basic idea is to make something that is a challenge during the Olympics. This means you can't cast-on before the opening ceremonies and you have to bind-off before the closing ceremonies. Since I have been pushing off the sock making, I am going to make two pairs of socks, both on circs using the 2 sock method, during this event.

The first pair will be the cable twist socks from Hello Yarn. These are worsted weight socks so I should finish them fairly quickly. The second pair will be the easy socks by Oz Yarn which have a short rowed heal and are made with sock weight yarn. I have all of the yarns and needles ready to go and I will check the gauge before the opening ceremony.

On another note, I just found out that Amy Singer of Knitty is working on a knitting book called No Wool for You. She announced this back in November, but somehow I missed it. I just joined the designers' list because I really want to submit something, but since the announcement was made in November I might have missed the deadline.

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vania said...

i'm also really excited about Knitty's no wool book, though she is openly saying it is not officially vegan, but i like the idea of it. i don't think you're too late to put in a pattern. congrats too on your new sewing machine, it looks magical!