Hurray for sewing machines

Today was a weird day. I woke up early this morning to look at sewing machines since a few months after my last sewing machine repair, the tension is screwed up again. I really love my machine, but repairs are expensive and are becoming more frequent. I have been thinking about trading my machine in, I just have a little separation anxiety. This week I finally hit my breaking point and I decided to get another machine. Meet my new baby.


Originally, my plan was to get the most basic machine I could find, but after doing some consumer research (note: I am extremely anal about purchasing anything and I always do a lot of research to make sure that I get the best possible product for my needs) I decided not to get another mechanical machine, instead I decided to get an electronic model. There were a few reasons for this decision, but the main one was the tension factor; I can't deal with anymore tension problems. After trying several machines and asking tons of questions, I decided on a Singer that is very similar in operation to the one I traded in. I didn't have enough birthday money to buy the machine today so I put it on layaway (it seemed more exciting than putting it on the credit card.) About three hours later Philip and I went out for lunch and my car suddenly stopped shifting into second gear which I am scared means a major repair. C'est la vie!


Anonymous said...

I'm anal in the very same way...but hey, it's a good thing. I'd hate to run out and get something just because, and get it home to find out it's not exactly what I wanted.

Beautiful machine!

Funny story:

For almost a whole year there was something wrong with my tention. Later to find out that I wasn't treading the bobbin correctly in it's holder! Now, everything runs smoothly.

My gramps bought me a really old sewing machine when I first learned to sew. No, matter how much it doesn't work, I can't seem to part wtih it.

Have a wonderful day.

Robyn Wade said...

I wish the threading was my problem, it would make me so happy. It seems that my machine needs an entirely new bobbin casing, but since I have a small production machine the part isn't available. The guy at the sewing machine could do temporary fixes, but nothing that would last. I really loved that machine; it made me a lot of money when I was in college. I hope my relationship with this new machine is equally as prosperous.