Our little film festival

Yesterday's movie and knitfest (or trashy movie fest) was fabulous. We didn't watch as many movies as we had originally planned, but we gave it a good shot. The final line-up was Death Race 2000, Pink Flamingos, Grey Gardens, Female Trouble, and Desperate Living all accompanied by copious amounts of soda, Fritos, and Chinese take-out. It will probably take my digestive system a few days and a few gallons of water to get back to normal, but the experience was well worth it.

trip to NorfolkI promised a quick pick of my project so here it is, slightly out of focus. Since I am in the coffeeshop and it is dark I had to use the flash which washes out all of the details of the lace. Let me just tell you that the texture of the lace combined with the elasticity of the yarn makes an incredible fabric.


Michelle said...

I'll definitely check it out (First day off of work today so I've got the time!) Sweet mystery project -- can't wait to see!

vania said...

i love the detail of this project too. i'm working on my meme, i feel like i'm playing 20 questions!