A canceled vacation

About a month ago I decided to take this week off of work. I didn't have a plan, I just thought that I could use the week to explore some book stores, thrift stores, and work on projects. Yesterday was an office holiday and it was so cold that I just stayed in the house, in my pajamas, all day. By early afternoon I realized that with the cold weather, this isn't the best time for me to take a vacation. I am going to keep working until it gets a little warmer outside and then I will try the vacation thing again.


Michelle said...

Sounds like a good plan! It's been FREEZING!!!

bitterknitter said...

I'm sure that you will enjoy your vacation much more when you don't have to bundle up to go outside! Plus it is always nice to spend part of a vacation relaxing at the park.

I love the cold weather we've been having, it really hasn't been quite cold enough for me, but I'm kinda weird that way!