Getting ready for the gold

The top secret knitting project is coming along quite nicely. I am halfway finished with the second side and I finally understand the lace pattern and the center decreases. That means I am making way fewer mistakes and I don't have to frog my work every few rows, definitely progress. If all goes well, I should be finished by Friday, just in time for the knitting Olympics. I still haven’t trained (i.e. swatched) so I am really hoping to do a quick training session just before the opening ceremonies. I am very optimistic about the sock knitting. Since I hate watching the Olympics I ordered 11 hours of TV on DVD from Netflix that should arrive before the weekend.

The Great Sock Biathlon
First event: Cable Twist socks
Yarn: Worsted weight
Needle size: 3 US
Goal time: 5 days, Friday 2/10-Wednesday 2/15

Second event: Easy sock
Yarn: Sock weight
Needle size: 0 US & 2 US
Goal time: 10 days, Thursday 2/16- Sunday 2/26

I will bring home the gold for Team Angstylvania!

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