La casa de la corbata

Yesterday was complete insanity. I woke up at 6:30 so I could get some work done before getting on the plane. I finished most of my work for the day and then I spent my fly time working on the top secret project. I came home to a night full of events so my day didn't end until about 2am.

Here is a picture of me, bright and early with the bunny who lives in the foyer of the staff house I was staying in. You can tell by the dark circles that I am not built for early mornings.

Last night became tie-night when Bambu decided everyone should where a tie. We all put on ties and required everyone who entered our apartment to wear a tie. It was a very formal and sophisticated event made even better with a selection of brews from all across the Midwest.

In other news, my friend Sarah just moved back to Kentucky to birth some babies. Okay, she's not actually going to shoot out any babies, but she will be a practicing midwife so she will help others birth their babies. In honor of her return, Jessica, Sarah, and I will embark on an exciting site seeing tour around this great metropolis (translation: we will eat at Gumbo Ya-Ya's and do a little shopping.)


robiewankenobie said...

gumbo ya ya? i've been dying to go there. i miss yats. and jozos. mostly the jingle. because that jingle rocked! i'm so glad that you're back in town.

i must mee this sarah of yours. there can never be enough sarahs.

and on a crappier note, i was wondering if you would be willing to knit up a 12x12 block for a quilt we are knitting for jane?

Michelle said...

Tie night sounds fun -- any pictures? Who is Bambu? You look better than I do most mornings -- love the bunny with the carrot!

Robyn Wade said...

We only have one picture of the night which Philip took using the camera timer. It is very overexposed because the flash reflected off of the bar so I am not posting it. Bambu is Philip's brother's girlfriend, they were both visiting while I was out of town.