Woo hoo!! Here is my second pair of socks for the knitting Olympics. These socks were made using the Easy Sock pattern from the Oz Yarn site. The pattern is not available online anymore, but even if it was I wouldn't recommend it. The pattern was very basic and boring, even for a beginning sock knitter. After I finished the first sock I realized that the pattern was far too easy and I should have chosen something a little more interesting like the Jaywalker pattern. I am definitely not done knitting socks; I want to do some fun self-striping socks for Philip with reinforced heels and toes.


Michelle said...

Robyn, when you do the reinforced heels and toes, definitely let me know. Hiking socks -- yeah!!!

And Congratulations on the gold -- I knew you could!

Anonymous said...

CONGRATS ON THE GOLD...and the socks!

My first socks were Jaywalkers, and the pattern is fabulous. Definitely give them a try if you're hooked on socks.