Two weeks of crafty goodness

Here is my project run-down for my two weeks in Norfolk:

Block printing project- Finished carving the first block, but I needed some decoupage glue for the background which I decided not to buy since it would probably explode in my luggage on the trip back.

Top Secret Knitting project- After a lot of complaining, I am almost to the half way marker. I will knit on my flight back and hopefully that will get me well into the second half. When I get home I am switching to the Addi Turbos which should speed up my knitting.

Tie One On Apron- I never even started this sucker so I am going to use the old pants and make a mapron for February'’s challenge.

I ended up having a lot less free time than I had originally planned for, but I think that I still got a good amount of stuff done. This weekend I want to print a few cards and hang some new curtains, but what I am really looking forward to relaxing and maybe watching a few movies.

The Knitting Olympics start in one week so I need to get this project done so I can start training (checking my gauge) for the big event. I am really excited about making socks, even if they consume my life for two weeks. Is anyone else competing?

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Michelle said...

For having a lot of time on my hands, I've been pretty slow with the craft, and I missed the January tie one on, too. The Mapron, though, sounds like a lot of fun. I wasn't thinking of joining the knitting olympics, but perhaps I'll reconsider if the vegan crafteristas peer pressure me into it -- ha! How nice to have a fun and crafty vacation, even if you think you haven't gotten as much done as you'd like. I hope you watch good movies and enjoy more craft this weekend!