Magic socks

magic socksAs promised, here is the picture of the progress on my new socks. I had to cast on and do the cuffs on dpns, but then I switched to the magic loop for the body of the socks. This is my first attempt at knitting two thing simultaneously on one set of needles and so far it is going smoothly. At first I had a little trouble with the yarn getting twisted, but I discovered that placing one ball on each side of me prevents tangles. Another thing that made knitting with this method easier was weaving in the yarn ends in the beginning so there aren't extra strands of yarn in your way. Inspired by Desiree I am going to try the afterthought heel on this pair instead on my short row standby.

Philip and I stopped by a couple of thrift stores on Saturday while running errands and we found this little number for our bar. We will never have to search for a bottle opener again.
bottle opener

We also picked up these salt and pepper shakers and some great mugs for hot cocoa.


Michelle said...

I love the mugs and salt shaker and the socks! What yarn -- it's so fancy! Those really do look like magic.

Robyn Wade said...

The yarn is Moda Dea Sassy Stripes in the crush colorway. I really dig the colors and patterns that are coming ou of this ball.

me said...

Oooh! I've been wanting to see the pink colorway, but I don't like pink and I'm knitting enough socks for other people nowadays. They look scrumptious!