Who stole my Spring?

I can't stand it anymore, this winter has gone on too long. I hate winter and I hate the cold. We are three days into Spring and the temperatures are still freezing. All I want is a little sunshine and a little warmth. At this point I will settle for 1-2 warm days a week. The weatherman said yesterday that there is no sign of warmer temperatures our future. WTF? It doesn't help that our heating bill is almost $200 a month to keep our apartment at 60 degrees, I can't imagine how high it would be if our apartment was actually warm. I miss the radiators at our old place. They would crank out so much heat that we would wear summer clothes all winter. It was also nice that we didn't have to pay for it since it was included in our rent.

On a happier note, I started another pair of socks. I went to Meijer (big box store) late one night to buy some primer and I noticed that they were having a sale in the craft section. The Moda Dea striping yarn was included in the sale so I grabbed some since I can't pass on the opportunity to make some more socks. I was supposed to start my vintage knee socks this week, but one of the balls of stash yarn is hiding so I decided to postpone those until I find the missing ball. I am doing the new socks together using the magic loop method. I had to start the cuffs on dpns since I can't buy a 40" size 0 circular needle anywhere locally, but the rest of the socks will be done together on one circular. Once I get them both on the needles I will post a picture so that the process makes a little more sense.


Michelle said...

You know, I had no idea what magic loop really was until I saw someone do it this weekend. I was too busy learning how to finish my heel that I didn't pay attention, but that's definitely something I want to learn next.

Vintage socks -- your pattern or available somewhere?

Robyn Wade said...

I learned how to do the single magic loop when I first started knitting since at the time I hated dpns. This will be my first attempt at the double loop, but it doesn't seem like it will be too difficult once I get going.

I don't have a pattern for the vintage kneesocks, but I will record the process.

Stacey said...

We have faux-spring here. If you look out the window, it seems all springlike and beautiful, but if you try to go out in sandals or crocs, your feet get a nasty little surprise.