Tonight Philip and I went down to the Third Street Stuff coffeeshop for their anniversary celebration. It was a really nice night so we decided to walk around downtown a bit on our way to the festivities. While I love Third Street Stuff, the real reason I wanted to go is to see the fire dancers.

I still want to take poi spinning classes so that someday I will be able to work up to fire spinning, but since the classes are on Saturdays and I am vending every Saturday until September they will just have to wait until the fall.

In addition to fire dancers there was a DJ and lots of colorful chalk for decorating the sidewalks.

Philip drew a few characters, but about two minutes after I took this picture it started pouring thus erasing all of his work. Since we walked to the coffeeshop we had to hide inside playing Scategories with some friends until the rain let up. All-in-all it was a great night.

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