As promised, here is a picture of my Jaywalker so far. I wanted to post it last night, but I got sucked into Star Wars Episode III. By the time the movie was over I was to tired to deal with blogging.

I love the way this pattern knits up with the nice striping effects. My yarn is variegated with about 15 inch color sections and they seem to work perfectly with this pattern. My favorite thing about the pattern so far is that as you rotate the sock, the color sections change; it is a really neat effect.

When I am in Norfolk, I usually stop by Fair Grounds on my way to work to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea before I head off to work. This morning I really wasn't in the mood for coffee so I used my extra 30 minutes to walk the long way to work. I walked through some back neighborhoods and then followed the Elizabeth River bike path up to Colley. There were tons of really cool flowers in bloom, including one that looked just like my sock.

Since the flower was so close to the colors I used in the sock, it seemed like a good excuse to rip off the Yarn Harlot and photograph my sock with the flower.


Michelle said...

so rad! i'm just at the ribbing...

Robyn Wade said...

This is yarn that I dyed. Originally, I wasn't too happy with the colors, I thought they were too bright. After knitting up a few inches of the Jaywalker with it, I totally changed my mind.