Monsters and thrifting

Yesterday I was in a bit of a thrifty mood so after spending a few hours working on my submission for the new snb book, I set out for the neighborhood thrift stores. There are only two stores within walking distance and after a small score at the first one I decided to skip the second on and hit some antique stores on the walk home. The first couple of stores didn't have anything special, but the third store was a treasure chest of good stuff. It was technically an antique mall since there several vendors in one place, my favorite kind of antique shopping. I ended up leaving with a tiki mug, Hawaii salt and pepper shakers, a vintage postcard for my secret pal, and some vintage embroidery patterns for kitchen towels. I found some more great stuff, but I have to wait for Philip to get here since I need his opinion.

An overview of my finds (minus the postcards and the embroidery patterns. In the back is a powder room sign found at the first thrift store. I am going to revamp it a bit and use it as the rest room marker in the store. The book is a 60's Ford cookbook with recipes from famous restaurants across the country. Lots of fabulous illustrations.

A close-up of my tiki finds. I actually found several tiki mugs, but most were new being passed off as vintage (a very common practice at antique markets.) I don't have a problem with new tiki mugs, but I won't pay vintage prices for them so they will have to live at the antique mall for a little while longer.

After my thrifty outing I went over to Angie's house with Lindsey and Colleen to watch movies and be crafty. They were all working on sock creatures for their site, I heart sock monsters, while I worked on bags for the Farmers' Market. It was a really fun and full Saturday, I hope today is just as much fun.


Anonymous said...

What? You didn't make a sock creature with them? Sheesh.

Michelle said...

that does sound like a fun day!

Jenn said...

Cute Tiki stuff!

vania said...

i also hate buying new reproductions of vintage cool stuff. but those finds are wonderful!

Robyn Wade said...

I don't mind buying modern reproductions, but I won't pay vintage prices for them and I am really picky. The mugs I saw would have been fine if they were marked around $5, but the vendor either didn't realize that they weren't vintage or he didn't think that people would notice. The antique world is getting a bit sketchy.