Tiki tiki ya ya ya

Tonight after dinner, I ran by the Dollar Tree with a friend from work. We are both visiting staff so we needed to buy storage containers for a potluck in our department tomorrow. Right inside the entrance way of the store there were two entire shelves of tiki figurines. There were a total of eight styles and of those I purchased 7 for $1 each. The figurines stand about 6" tall and are made of resin that is painted to look like wood. I am completely in love with these guys and I think that they are by far my all-time best dollar store score. This brings the Norfolk tiki total to 10 pieces in less than a week; that's a record.

tiki 3

tiki 2

tiki 1

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Anonymous said...

OMG i'm in love.

it's stephanie, btw...just stopping by to see what my favorite crafygirl is up to these days :)