More tiki

This seems to be a good summer for tiki since I made another great score at Jonk. I think someone sold their entire tiki collection since there were twelve mugs, a vintage totem, two small tiki sculptures, a salt and pepper set, a decanter set and some other miscellaneous pieces. I ended up buying eight of the mugs and one of the wooden sculptures to add to our collection.
Then, as if that wasn't enough, I found these fondue plates which color coordinate with my fondue forks.
Today I also went shopping for a wedding present for my sister and found these.
In case you can't tell, these are ice cube trays that make cube shaped ice. You would think that since they are called ice cubes, finding a tray that shapes them like cubes wouldn't be such a challenge. I have been searching for three years for these trays and until today nothing came close.

On the knitting front, I am trying to finish some of the billion projects that I have started and use up some of my stash. This weekend I finished two froofy scarves and a market bag and made some progress on the Jaywalkers.

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Robyn Wade said...

They match the colored ends of the fondue forks.