Sun, knitting and pirates

Today started like any other Saturday with me crawling out of bed at 7am and haulDSC_0029ing all of my stuff down to Phoenix Park for the Artists' Market. Things are really picking up at the market and sales were good today which makes the early morning worthwhile. While we were at the market, an old friend came by and invited us to his birthday party where costumes were encouraged. Since I hate to miss out on a chance to dress up, Philip and I dressed up as pirates. We arrived at the party and didn't know a single person. I am not sure why I found that so surprising since I am still new to this city, but I was completely thrown off by a party full of strangers. We only ended up staying for about 45 minutes and then we headed over to Third Street Stuff with Sarah and Erik for some late night Scrabble. It was a fun day despite some momentary awkwardness.

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